How many points does it take to win?

We broke down points won and lost per match from 2005 to 2015 and found some basic winning odds. Turns out, slight advantages in points won can tip the scales significantly.

Points are the most basic scoring unit in tennis, but they do not directly determine the outcome of a match. To win a match, you must string together combinations of points into games and games into sets, etc. Certain points can be “thrown away” while others can single-handedly determine the outcome of the match. Continue reading “How many points does it take to win?”


Interactive: Tennis Stats, Height, and Age trends on the ATP World Tour

Identifying statistical trends in the men’s tennis game

As part of our data exploration series, we used available datasets, as well as our data to map an increasing trend in height and aces, and a decreasing trend in double faults since 1991.


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