AVP & FIVB Beach Volleyball Match Database

New match database that contains top players such as Phil Dalhausser, Nick Lucena, Kerri Walsh, and April Ross

Welcome to BigTimeStats, the TenniStats rebrand, now with beach volleyball match data. Drawing inspiration from Jeff Sackmann’s tennis match database, I’ve compiled all AVP and FIVB matches going back to year 2000, available as open source csv/excel files on Github.

Feel free to download and play with the data to research in-depth statistics, create neat visuals, or build complex machine learning models to predict future champions.

In the meantime, check out these two interactive dashboards below:

Dashboard 1: Beach Volleyball AVP & FIVB Interactive Player Results & Statistics

This Interactive Player Results Dashboard shows the most recent results, summary match statistics, player partners and their respective records, matches played over time, and the player’s hit percentage distribution.

For example, Phil Dalhausser has had many partners over the years, and although he has been wildly successful with Nick Lucena, the pair are not as dominant as Dalhausser was with either Todd Rogers or Sean Rosenthal (as judged by % matches won).

Phil Dalhausser Partners and Stats

From Nick Lucena’s side, he was not winning as many matches before partnering up with Phil Dalhausser (again). His winning percentage increased dramatically in 2015 – 2017.

Nick Lucena Match History

HitPct, or hitting percentage, represents the number of kills (i.e. winners for you tennis fans) minus the errors you make, divided by the total attempts per match (hence, this number can be negative if you make more errors than winners).

In general, as your HitPct increases, the likelihood of winning a match also increases. What’s interesting is that the odds change at different thresholds for different players. Nick Lucena (chart below) starts to tip the odds in his favor (blue shading indicates chance of winning > 50%) when he gets just above ~30% HitPct. Below ~30% HitPct, Lucena is losing more matches than winning (red shading).

Nick Lucena HitPct

Click the image below for the full interactive dashboard:

AVP & FIVB Interactive Player Results & Statistics
Click the image to be taken to the interactive Tableau dashboard


Dashboard 2: Beach Volleyball Interactive Team Statistics and Summary

This Team Statistics Dashboard gives a high level overview of the teams in the database. You can sort by the number of matches played or the % matches won and filter on nationality, professional circuit, date, gender, and bracket.

For example, Kerri Walsh and Misty May have an over 92% overall win rating when comparing teams with at least 30 matches. However, when comparing records in finals (with at least 5 matches played), actually April Ross and Kerri Walsh have a higher win rate at 88% compared to Kerri Walsh and Misty May at 83%.

April Ross Kerri Walsh Win %

Click the image below for the full interactive dashboard:

AVP & FIVB Team Summary Statistics
Click on the image to be taken to the interactive Tableau Dashboard


Any feedback, future topic or collaboration ideas are welcomed. Stay tuned for more!


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