2020 AVP Champions Cup – Who’s the Best?

With the AVP Champions Cup starting this weekend, I compiled match statistics on the best main draw players.

So, Who Has the Highest Winning %?

Phil Dalhausser and Alix Klineman have both won around 80% of the matches in their careers, including AVP & FIVB matches.


If you’re interested in match stats, I’ll go over the following:

  • 1. Hitting % – This is the player’s attack effectiveness. The higher the Hitting %, the better the player is at scoring points. Teams generally target the weaker players. Calculated as (Kills – Errors) / # of Attacks
  • 2. Aces – Point winning serves
  • 3. Blocks – Point winning blocks at the net
  • 4. Digs – Successfully defending an opponent’s attack

All of the graphs below represent AVP career match averages 

1. Hitting %

Nick Lucena has the lowest hitting % out of all the main draw players. When you’re watching the tournament this weekend, look for teams to predominantly serve him to exploit this weakness.


On the women’s side, we don’t see as much of a drastic change from the top player, April Ross to the bottom, Sara Hughes.


2. Aces

With his jump-serving and aggressive style of play, Jeremy Casebeer leads the cohort in aces per match.


On the women’s side, the team of April Ross and Alix Klineman lead the cohort with the most aces.


3. Blocks

At 6′ 9″ (206cm), Phil Dalhausser is regarded as one of the best blockers on the tour. It’s surprising to see him 2nd to Theo Brunner who is 6′ 7″ (201cm), although it’s fairly close. Look for Theo’s partner, Casey Patterson, to take advantage of a big blocker on defense when you watch the tournament this weekend.


Amazing to see Brandie Wilkerson, at only 5′ 10″ (178cm), having more blocks than towering Alix Klineman at 6′ 5″ (196cm). Brandie is just behind 6′ 5″ (196cm) Sarah Pavan, both of whom get slightly over 3 blocks per match.


4. Digs

No surprise that the speedy Taylor Crabb is #1 in the digs category. His partner, Jake Gibb, is the 3rd best blocker of the cohort, which no doubt helps the defender.


On the women’s side, Melissa Paredes is #1 in digs. Same story here, her partner, Sarah Pavan is #1 in blocks, which no doubt helps Melissa get more digs.


Other Resources

  • To see how players have improved in their games over time, check out my previous post
  • To see a additional player information with historical match data, check out my player dashboard

Entry List


Player Partner Seed Combined Win %
Nick Lucena Phil Dalhausser 1 72.40%
Jake Gibb Taylor Crabb 2 68.30%
Chaim Schalk Chase Budinger 3 55.40%
Casey Patterson Theo Brunner 4 60%
Jeremy Casebeer John Hyden 5 61.20%
Trevor Crabb Tri Bourne 6 61.70%
Miles Evans Ricardo Santos Q1 71.30%
David Lee Reid Priddy Q2 51%
Billy Allen Stafford Slick Q3 50.40%
Tim Bomgren Troy Field Q4 51.90%
Avery Drost Ryan Doherty Q5 53.90%
Maddison McKibbin Riley McKibbin Q6 39.30%
Billy Kolinske Sean Rosenthal Q7 62.70%
Ed Ratledge Skylar del Sol Q8 47.90%
Piotr Marciniak Roberto Rodriguez Q9 46.20%
Chase Frishman Michael Brunsting Q10 44.60%
Miles Partain Ty Loomis Q11 45.30%
Andy Benesh Eric Beranek Q12 38.60%


Player Partner Seed Combined Win %
Alix Klineman April Ross 1 76.70%
Melissa Humana-Paredes Sarah Pavan 2 65.50%
Kelly Claes Sarah Sponcil 3 63.70%
Brandie Wilkerson Sara Hughes 4 62.10%
Emily Day Lauren Fendrick 5 54.20%
Emily Stockman Kelley Larsen 6 58.40%
Jace Pardon Karissa Cook Q1 53.80%
Amanda Dowdy Susannah Muno Q2 53.80%
Kelly Reeves Terese Cannon Q3 49.50%
Kimberly Hildreth Sarah Schermerhorn Q4 52.50%
Mackenzie Ponnet Sheila Shaw Q5 39.10%
Allie Wheeler Corinne Quiggle Q6 46.40%
Crissy Jones Traci Callahan Q7 55.60%
Kathryn Hogan Molly Turner Q8 47.20%
Delaney Knudsen Katie Spieler Q9 39.40%
Kendra VanZwieten Kim DiCello Q10 47.10%
Karolina Marciniak Lane Carico Q11 50.40%
Brittany Tiegs Carly Wopat Q12 38.90%

Notes About the Data

  • Check my data page to access the raw data
  • Data from year 2000 – 2020
  • Match stat data comes from historical AVP tournaments



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