2020 Champions Cup vs. Career Stats – Who over-performed?

Last week, I compiled career match stats for players in the 2020 Champions Cup. With the completion of the tournament, I wanted to compare how player’s actually performed versus their career-based expectations.

This allows us to call out any notable performances and gives players the ability to adjust going into next week’s tournament, a continuation of the AVP summer series.

We’ll go over the same stats from last week. Check them out here to get a quick refresher.

Graph Features

  • The red or green end-points represent the player’s career matches prior to July 2020 for that particular stat
  • The points with a player’s face correspond to the current matches in the 2020 Champions Cup
  • The line connecting the points represents the differences between their career matches and current matches
    • It’s colored green if they performed better and red if they performed worse

1. Hitting %

In the first graph, Theo Brunner over-performed on hitting %, or attacking efficiency. In games prior to the 2020 Champions Cup, he usually had a hitting % around 45% but managed to lead the cohort with 63%, a 40% positive improvement!

Notably, top players like Dalhausser performed fairly close to their career average, showing their consistency at the top of the sport.

Hitting.._M Annotation.jpg

Most players on both the men’s and women’s side under-performed on hitting %. This is likely due to players having more errors as a result of limited match play during the coronavirus hiatus.


2. Aces

On the aces side, Dalhausser almost doubled his typical performance by getting over 3 aces per match in the Champions Cup (from around 1.5 career aces / match).

Jeremy Casebeer, an aggressive server who has the highest career aces per match under-performed with less than 1 ace per match.


Brandie Wilkerson over-performed with over 3 aces per match. April Ross fared about the same as she normally does with around 2.5 aces per match.

Alix Klineman struggled to get aces on her serve compared to her typical career match performance.


3. Blocks

On the blocking side, most players, apart from Jake Gibb and Alix Klineman, got less blocks than they were expected to. Jake Gibb got an extra block per match than his usual career performance.



4. Digs

On the defensive side, Taylor Crabb leads the cohort with almost 16 digs per match in the Champions Cup, above and beyond his typical 12 digs per career match!


In her first round Winner’s Bracket match, Sarah Sponcil got 33 digs! That clearly propelled her to the #1 spot among the cohort as well as one of the most improved on defense.


Main Draw Results


Finish Player Partner
1 Phil Dalhausser Nick Lucena
2 Taylor Crabb Jake Gibb
3 Chase Budinger Chaim Schalk
3 Tri Bourne Trevor Crabb
5 Theo Brunner Casey Patterson
5 Jeremy Casebeer John Hyden
7 Billy Allen Stafford Slick
7 Skylar del Sol Ed Ratledge


Finish Player Partner
1 Alix Klineman April Ross
2 Sara Hughes Brandie Wilkerson
3 Melissa Humana-Paredes Sarah Pavan
3 Kelly Claes Sarah Sponcil
5 Kelley Kolinske Emily Stockman
5 Traci Callahan Crissy Jones
7 Emily Day Lauren Fendrick
7 Karissa Cook Jace Pardon

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