Worth Rises: Mapping For-Profit Prison Contractors

I volunteer my time at Worth Rises, a non-profit advocacy organization looking to end the exploitation in the prison industrial complex. In recent years, there has been a rise in governments using private contractors to house prisoners. However, that’s not the full picture. There are thousands of contractors that service, and profit off of, this industry, where sectors such as healthcare, construction, commissary, and phone services often go unnoticed. Continue reading “Worth Rises: Mapping For-Profit Prison Contractors”


My Story Growing Up Playing Tennis in the Czech Republic


Red Clay 1990s
Czech Republic (1990’s)

I grew up playing tennis on the red clay courts of the Czech Republic in the early 1990’s. I received my first tennis racket from Martina Navratilova at the same tennis club where she grew up. Almost 25 years later, I met her at the Czech Embassy in Washington, DC and she signed it for me, saying, “I hope it treated you well through the years.”

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