Beach Volleyball

Match Data

Access my free beach volleyball database on Github in easily accessible csv files:

This data includes match level information about AVP & FIVB matches and includes the teams, dates, results, and match stats for AVP matches.

This data has:

  • 85k+ AVP & FIVB matches going back to 2000
  • 27k AVP matches & 58k FIVB matches
  • 17k match stats (mostly AVP)
Play-by-Play Data

New dataset used in recent posts:

The raw data has the score, the type of action that occurred, and the relevant player (see image below of how the data looks). 

It’s comprised of:

  • 10 FIVB Beach Major Series (5 Star) Tournaments from 2015 – 2019 (highest caliber events with the highest caliber players)
  • Pool play matches and above
  • 350+ matches
  • 32,000+ points played

This gives us a big enough dataset to analyze broader patterns in beach volleyball.

Since these are point ending, we won’t have details about what happened prior to the action at hand. It’s possible that multiple attacks or blocks happened during a play, but the dataset only captures the last action.

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